What is the meta tag in blogging? Give detailed information about it?

What is the meta tag in blogging? Give detailed information about it?

What is the meta tag in blogging

It is very important to understand what a meta tag is in blogging because meta tag is considered to be the biggest factor of SEO. Meta tags are the identity of our website. Meta tags also have different types of factors such as meta keywords, There are many types of factors such as meta description, meta title, we give you information on the same important factor.

Meta title : –

It contains the title of your blog, it is important to have one of your keywords in the title.

Meta Description : –

It contains the description of your blog where it is told that your block is made on this subject and what provides you and where is the information made for use in it . All this information comes in meta description . It is important to have your long-tailed keywords and short tail keywords in the meta description, this helps your blog or website to rank in the results . Meta description length is maximum 60 words .

Meta keywords : –

Meta keywords is also an important seo factor or you can add keywords according to your blog and with the added keywords your blog helps to rank in Google search engine.

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